Data Collection

Data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. Refined and bigger the data set, more precise and accurate are the decisions you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.

Market Survey & Understanding Consumer

The data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. better and bigger the data set, better is the quality of the decision you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.


One of the oldest industries in Indian economy is Textile Industry.
When one of India’s largest global conglomerates, with a presence in over 50 countries and businesses across steel, infrastructure and textile with a cumulative revenue of over 6000 Crore; looks forward to expand its business in the retail sector with new consumer products, it comes naturally to them to understand what is going on in the $250 Bn market.
With so many established players offering different quality in different price bands, it is very important to know what actually sells and what not and how distributors restock.
Demography, per capita income, geography and many more complex factors like distributors appetite in terms of investment and stocking, makes the business decision even more critical.


Welspun relied on Anaxee’s strong outreach network to understand the market by getting access to 6 Lakh+ data points collected by our runners for the client.
The data point consisted of critical data points like GPS locations, actual photographs and competitor’s product photographs which not only ensures reliability but helps in curating the growth strategies. Anaxee touched nearly 1200+ distributors in 7 cities, and will be pivoting to cover PAN India.
The data is being provided in digital format for easy visualization, bringing efficiency and speed to the decision making process.

Address Verification

Data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. Refined and bigger the data set, more precise and accurate are the decisions you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.


In a country like India, with such an enormous landmass with such a varied geography, it’s always difficult to reach every corner and get the correct.
A big brand in the BFSI sector with millions of customer base and heavy legacy infrastructure while implementing its digital strategies for the coming generations wanted to have a partner who can verify the addresses for existing and upcoming customers. The problem was the stringent budget allocated to implement this. Apart from being a norm it’s also useful for the company to reduce fraud.


With a tight budget and customers at scattered geographies, they contacted Anaxee with the problem. We implemented a pilot project for them to show how accurate , well defined and authentic data we can provide them.
After the pilot, with some efficiency modelling we rolled out the complete project.
Anaxee activated hundreds of Digital Runners to gather authentic data which is also cross verified by our internal teams and provided millions of data points with proofs in ⅓ of the time taken by other companies that too with minimum expenses.

KYC/ Address Verification

The wrong data is not just crap but damaging as well. We understand the need for accurate data and do quality checks, so you don’t have to worry a bit. 100% verified data that too in record time.
When everything is going digital and digital services are penetrating in the deeper india, it becomes quite necessary for customers to know their customer or validate their identity.
As per RBI guidelines it is mandatory to have a KYC. Companies spend lots of time and money in getting KYC done for the customer.

One such bank in order to be compliant and safe started doing KYC met with many challenges, first being the authenticity of the data, secondary issues were time to collect the data, expenses of getting KYC done , digitizing data and getting meaningful insights from collected data.

Anaxee with the power of its digital runners and last mile reach activated the network to collect data. We have covered over 1000 villages by deploying more than 600 runners and collected and verified the customer for our client in a record time. We have collected millions of data points apart from KYC details to ensure maximum ROI for the bank.
Not only that, based on the collected data we have also given them insights on customers profile which is helping them to target any services efficiently.

Digital Customer Onboarding

When your customers get on-boarded on your digital platform, things start changing.
Clarity, insights and easy management are few perks that come with Digital Customer Onboarding.

India homes 17.7% of the world population which is scattered across rural, semi-urban, and urban areas. Though it is simple for brands to plan business expansion and market in urban areas, the option to market in semi-urban and rural areas are very limited which hinders the reach to a large number of end-customers.


Agrostar, an agri-tech platform, wanted to reach farmers across a predefined geography to promote it’s app and enable large scale adoption of their agritech services. Their challenge was to reach farmers in villages and explain to them the benefits of going online for their irrigation requirements.


Anaxee activated its network of digital runners across 1300 villages across India. The runners approached 25,000 farmers at their doorstep to illustrate the benefits of adopting Agrostar and registered them on the app. Our network helped agrostar touch a market segment which most channels of marketing are not equipped to cover along with a personalized pitch and spreading representatives across the spectrum.