Anaxee’s Co-founder and CEO: Govind Agrawal, extends his gratitude to Crypto Relief

Project Swaraksha is India’s largest door-to-door rural vaccine awareness campaign started by
Anaxee Digital Runners. This is a robustly managed campaign through technology-enabled data
collection that ensures fool proof execution of the program in rural and semi-urban India.

Project Swaraksha’s Vaccination Awareness initiative for Rural India, in collaboration with GiveIndia’s
‘Vaccinate India Program,’ addresses major issues such as providing the vaccine to remote places
and overcoming vaccination hesitancy, by promoting efforts that enable this in a fair and secure

Govind Agrawal, Co-founder and CEO of Anaxee was happy to receive more support from social
organizations like GiveIndia. According to him knowledge & understanding of GiveIndia in creating
Social Good, will further scale up Project Swaraksha. Anaxee aims to make India COVID-free, and
would go to any length to accomplish it. Anaxee will use the Crypto Relief grant to expand the
vaccine programme to cover the most vulnerable people.

Anaxee’s last-mile distributed network of Digital Runners can be deployed to solve any health initiative in the whole of India.

It is important to note that 1 out of every 1000 people vaccinated in India got counselled by Anaxee’s Digital Runners. 

Despite the fact that India has accomplished a significant milestone by administering 100 crore
vaccines, more efforts are required to assist the Indian government in boosting vaccination coverage and delivering it to various parts of the country. And this campaign is in keeping with the fund’s existing order to help the government and civil society in improving vaccine coverage.

Anaxee can help EdTech to ‘Connect the disconnected’

“Airtel conducts India’s first rural 5G trial along with Ericsson” – Economic Times

Bharti Airtel and Ericsson have performed India’s first 5G network trials at a remote rural area of India. This
is a beacon of exciting business possibilities that lie ahead for Edtech, as 5G technology will play an
important role in bridging the digital divide in our country.

5G has massive potential in rural India as it enables access to high-speed broadband and fast network, and
better connectivity. This means more business opportunities for EdTech companies for expanding their
reach to the remotest parts of rural India!

5G will help Edtech open up new ways of learning by helping in solving number of stumbling blocks that rural users experience:

1). First and foremost, it will eliminate the need for a traditional classroom, allowing students to learn from the convenience of their own homes.

2). Students will be able to work and support their families during the day while studying at their convenience.

3). These courses can be paid for online or through UPI interfaces on mobile phones. Those who cannot afford to pay for their education might take advantage of numerous free online courses.

4). A great number of these online courses are also available in vernacular languages, which makes studying easier.

5). It’s also simple for rural residents to enroll in online classes using their smartphones and obtain the skills they need to get a job.

Anaxee believes in creating a data-rich country. Our “Last Mile Reach” & power of “Verified Data” can play a very vital role in the business expansion plans of Edtech companies. Our excellent, clean & verified data can help Edtech companies in implementing their rural outreach plans and solve all your problems. For an ever-changing digital world, our ‘digital factory’ can provide you with meaningful data, solutions, and services that may decrease time-to market, increase productivity, and attract the best costumer.

Talent and passion are spread across all young people but opportunity is not. Together we can successfully revolutionize the rural educational scene and also generated opportunities for rural residents. 5G can actually help the country realize its ‘Digital India’ vision and we can bridge the digital gap together.

“Learning should never end” can be our country’s new mantra!