Anaxee can help EdTech to ‘Connect the disconnected’

“Airtel conducts India’s first rural 5G trial along with Ericsson” – Economic Times

Bharti Airtel and Ericsson have performed India’s first 5G network trials at a remote rural area of India. This
is a beacon of exciting business possibilities that lie ahead for Edtech, as 5G technology will play an
important role in bridging the digital divide in our country.

5G has massive potential in rural India as it enables access to high-speed broadband and fast network, and
better connectivity. This means more business opportunities for EdTech companies for expanding their
reach to the remotest parts of rural India!

5G will help Edtech open up new ways of learning by helping in solving number of stumbling blocks that rural users experience:

1). First and foremost, it will eliminate the need for a traditional classroom, allowing students to learn from the convenience of their own homes.

2). Students will be able to work and support their families during the day while studying at their convenience.

3). These courses can be paid for online or through UPI interfaces on mobile phones. Those who cannot afford to pay for their education might take advantage of numerous free online courses.

4). A great number of these online courses are also available in vernacular languages, which makes studying easier.

5). It’s also simple for rural residents to enroll in online classes using their smartphones and obtain the skills they need to get a job.

Anaxee believes in creating a data-rich country. Our “Last Mile Reach” & power of “Verified Data” can play a very vital role in the business expansion plans of Edtech companies. Our excellent, clean & verified data can help Edtech companies in implementing their rural outreach plans and solve all your problems. For an ever-changing digital world, our ‘digital factory’ can provide you with meaningful data, solutions, and services that may decrease time-to market, increase productivity, and attract the best costumer.

Talent and passion are spread across all young people but opportunity is not. Together we can successfully revolutionize the rural educational scene and also generated opportunities for rural residents. 5G can actually help the country realize its ‘Digital India’ vision and we can bridge the digital gap together.

“Learning should never end” can be our country’s new mantra!

Anaxee: Helping You REACH Bharat! – YourStory

YourStory is India’s no.1 and Asia’s leading media platform for entrepreneurs. It is dedicated to championing and promoting the entrepreneurial ecosystem in India and tells the stories of entrepreneurs with immense love and passion.

This time they have recounted the inspirational story of the Co-founders: Arti & Govind Agarwal, who created Anaxee Digital Runners, an Indore-based startup that helps businesses access last-mile data, and describes their vision of digitalization reaching the remotest part of India. YourStory provides glimpses of their ingenious and visionary work for creating a data-rich India.

Your Story news-link :

Anaxee assists businesses and brands in connecting with Bharat. Its network of ‘Digital Runners’ goes door to door in isolated rural and semi-urban areas, bridging the digital divide for clients. Anaxee Digital Runners’ “Project Swaraksha” won a $1 million pledge from United Way of Bengaluru in July of this year (UWBe). The goal of the study was to eliminate COVID-19 vaccine apprehension among the rural population.
Project Swaraksha, which started on May 22, 2021, aims to deploy over 20,000 digital runners to allow individuals in rural and semi-urban regions access the CoWin app and locate local vaccination centres.Anaxee, a last-mile outreach and data-collection service provider in India, seeks to address this type of digital divide with Project Swaraksha.

Moreover, half of India is rural, and the country is geographically dispersed. Despite widespread internet access, businesses and, social projects often struggle to reach rural populations. Companies require a dispersed network to capture this distributed demand, which Anaxee solves with its ‘network-as-a-service’
Anaxee, founded in 2016 by the husband and wife team: Arti and Govind Agrawal, combines both tech stacks and on-the-ground manpower to reach out to individuals in the most remote areas of India. Apart from ensuring deep reach in the most rural corners of India, Anaxee also assists customers in developing datadriven business models. Arti & Govind have genuinely demonstrated that in this digital age, there is a chance to improve people’s lives in ways that were unimaginable just a few decades ago.

Anaxee Extends Heartfelt Gratitude

Anaxee Extends Heartfelt Gratitude to Shri Biren Singh, Hon’ble Chief Minister for Launching Project Swaraksha in Manipur.

On Monday October 11th, Manipur Chief Minister Shri. N. Biren Singh launched the “COVID-19 Vaccination Express” which will distribute vaccinations to people’s homes across the state and also announced the commencement of Project Swaraksha, a collaboration between USAIDNISHTHA/Jhpiego.

Under Project Swaraksha, the USAID NISTHA team would mobilize those people who are hesitant to take vaccines and bring them to vaccination centres.

Dr Sapam Ranjan, Advisor to the Chief Minister on Health, Minister Shri S. Rajen, Minister Shri Vungzagin Valte, and D.C. of Imphal West Shri Kiran Kumar were among those who attended the ceremony. Hon’ble Chief Minister Shri Biren Singh, spoke at the event, asking the public to be vaccinated willingly and to avoid spreading misleading information about vaccines’ effects. He claimed that in the recent past, roughly 97-98 percent of those who died from COVID-19 were unvaccinated. He emphasised the significance of total vaccination across the state to combat the pandemic, and urged local clubs and social organisations to help the vaccination campaign by providing information to those who have not yet been vaccinated and encouraging them to do so as soon as possible. Shri Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister, was also congratulated by the Chief Minister for his concern for the state and his initiative to provide free vaccination to all citizens.

Anaxee also expresses thanks to Crypto Relief for this support.



For the villagers as customers, it’s a win-win situation!
For businesses wanting to reach villages, it’s a win-win situation!
And of course, for the tech-savvy youth of villages looking for employment opportunities, it’s a win-win situation as
HOW? Explains Co-Founder & COO of Anaxee Digital Runners, Mrs. Arti Agarwal, speaking at India Today mindrocks Youth Summit 2019: “Like Ola and Uber, Anaxee Digital Runners Pvt. Ltd. is a technology-enabled platform. And like Ola & Uber drivers, our “Digital Runner” is a freelancer. The company’s sole goal is to contribute for India’s economy to flourish inclusively”.

As she explains, the first of the three Trinity is the customer, who is known as the villager. Cities provide access to a
wide range of products and excellent services. But, even if there is a demand or funding available, such products and
services cannot be obtained in villages and tier 2 and tier 3 towns…
The second trinity consists of large corporations, big brands, banks, and insurance companies etc., that wish to enter these remote geographies. Big companies and brands have no idea what their customers at villages want or how to get in touch with them.
The third trinity is comprised of tech-savvy young people of village. Unemployed, well-educated, and intelligent
country youngsters migrate to cities in search of work. The goal is to provide them with employment options in their
local community. Anaxee recruits residents from these towns and villages and assigns them tasks that can be
completed with a smartphone; in essence, a smartphone user serves as its “Digital Runner”.

Anaxee, serves as a platform that connects these three dots of the trinity, resulting in a win-win-win situation for
As a result, there will be socio-economic growth, as well as the realisation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s dream
of “Digital India”!


Anaxee employment opportunities in rural India

Anaxee shows how Digital Technology can provide Employment Opportunities in Rural India.

In current Covid times, technological advancements in the Digital sphere are increasingly shaping various aspects of our life. In the past two decades, India has witnessed exponential economic growth and is ranked among the top five economies of the world. However, this growth hasn’t helped to provide employment opportunities in the rural areas of our country.

Seeing this Prime Minister, Narendra Modi has prioritized radical digitalization to induce economic inclusiveness through a host of initiatives like ‘Digital India’ to provide impetus and opportunity to rural citizens so as to ensure that they are equal participants in India’s growth story. As per Niti Aayog, in 2050, over half of India’s population will still be rural.

By utilizing the opportunities provided by “Digital India”, Indore base Annexe Digital Runners Pvt. Ltd., a forerunner among startups in digital innovation, has been playing an active role in transforming millions of lives in Rural India. Through its app-based services, reaching far beyond into the remotest part of India, Anaxee is covering the length, breadth, and depth of India – from Kutch to Kamakhya, from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. Currently, the company has operations in 26 states and is engaged in building India’s largest last-mile network of 250000 Digital Runners who are tech-enabled feet-on-street of rural youth, spread across 540 Districts, 26 States, and 11000 Pin codes.

Anaxee is using Digital Technology to provide Employment Opportunities in Rural India.

Anaxee, a tech-enabled last-mile outreach, and data collection company is uniquely poised to assist in the radical seamless digital rural transformation from the ground up for the vast rural citizen base in the country. It has been part of India’s digital journey starting from the grassroots level and will enable its rural population to be an integral part of India’s growth trajectory.

At the helm of this tech startup is Shri. Govind Agarwal, its firebrand CEO & Founding Director who predicts “The traditional ways of doing business in rural areas will change much more than we ever imagined and will see the deployment of innovative digital technologies in ways of doing business and creating employment opportunities in the sunrise market segments of tier 2 & 3 cities of Rural India”.

Anaxee has innovated “Digital Runner” a tech-enabled personified feet on street comprising of youths of rural India and equipped them with app-based technology on their Smartphones in form of “Anaxee Partner App” & “Anaxee Digital Runner App”, designed to provide a multitude of benefits as well as a variety of electronic services to villagers. Through these apps, these “Digital Runners” earn handsome sums of money by successfully completing tasks assigned to them.

Among the electronic services, Anaxee’s “Project Swaraksha”, the door-to-door COVID vaccination awareness campaign covering the villages of India, aims to reach out to the people living in the remotest villages, who have “vaccine hesitancy” for convincing them to get vaccinated. The Digital Runners working under this project have to educate and counsel such people about the benefits of getting vaccinated and also have to ensure that they take their vaccine shot as soon as possible. Under this project the earning potential for the rural youth is excellent.  A Digital Runner is paid a sum of Rs. 50/- per vaccinated person and thus can earn anywhere from Rs. 5,000/- to Rs. 15,000/- per week!

This will provide additional income avenues to the village youths within their rural areas along with a host of other services offered by Anaxee such as Rural Survey, App Marketing, Data Collection, Address & KYC Verification as well as Digital Customer onboarding. These opportunities will also help in curtailing their mass migration to bigger cities for finding work. Anaxee is thus promoting their digital and financial inclusivity, promoting rural entrepreneurship and building rural employment opportunities as well as spearheading the dramatic rural change that’s underway.

Anaxee, helming a socio-economic revolution by reaching remote villages through its Digital Runners

Through its Digital Runners, Anaxee is slowly reshaping every aspect of life in villages by introducing accessible Smartphone app-based technology, catering to the new, emerging needs of rural citizens. Here, Anaxee has made significant contributions towards creating employment opportunities for the youth living in the rural areas of our country by helping them to find meaningful employment for themselves in their own villages or local areas. Thus Anaxee is playing a decisive role in bringing about socio-economic development across different remote geographic locations in Rural India.



Rural Survey

It’s critical to know what, how and why the 69% of India is doing. Get real insights from rural India to make effective decisions about your product, expansion strategy, ROI and what not.


When an organization begins expanding to new areas, especially when they are establishing brick & mortar outlets, it requires substantial efforts in terms of critical decision making about which area to choose, what products should be placed, figuring out the meaningful audience; all this is a daunting task.


DeHaat, a tech driven company targeting a trillion dollar agriculture market, a sector which employs 58% of Indian population, is penetrating with its innovative delivery model and data driven insights.
DeHaat is now expanding its business and reaching more farmers to empower the backbone of the Indian economy.
Problem is simple but a herculean one, how to reach millions of farmers and get meaningful data?
Problem is simple but a herculean one, how to reach millions of farmers and get meaningful data?


Solving the above problem requires significant efforts at each level like training partners to ask questions in the local language, process of collecting data on digital platforms, reaching the target audience of million people on ground in a month or two
DeHaat partnered with Anaxee to solve the problem of “last mile reach” to understand the farmers of India about their spending behavior, what kind of products farmers prefer and many more insights.

Anaxee with its strong network of “Digital Runners” took up the challenge to bring insightful data for an extended geographical region from thousands of responses gathered.
Anaxee activated more than 700 runners at once to collect data from farmers. In this process Anaxee covered around 1300 villages and collected over 1.2 Lakhs data points from various geographical areas suggested by DeHaat.
With this large data-set and meaningful insights, DeHaat was able to make many business critical decisions.

App Marketing


Education is the foundation upon which we will build our future. Thanks to technological infrastructure & advances, reachability has grown manyfold. Byjus, the world’s largest edtech startup with valuation of $5 Bn has been trying to reach out to students & parents with various endorsements from Shahrukh Khan to showcase how useful their learning application is for the kid’s future.
To engage and to help people understand the uniqueness of offerings is difficult with few seconds of advertisement. To adopt any product its necessary for people to grasp how useful it is, what features are available with the application, how kids are becoming more & more tech savvy, and how Byju’s APP can be a building block of a child’s future.

With our extended reach in various cities especially amongst people who use smartphones and have internet accessibility, we took up the work to reach out to target audience with proper message about the application usage & usefulness.
We have covered Tier 2 cities, our digital runners met hundreds of students along with parents, sat down with them to show how learning from Byjus can make a substantial difference in the way they perceive study and how children can learn new things by interactive video lectures, doubt clearing sessions and many more things for an all round education.

Data Collection

Data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. Refined and bigger the data set, more precise and accurate are the decisions you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.

Market Survey & Understanding Consumer

The data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. better and bigger the data set, better is the quality of the decision you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.


One of the oldest industries in Indian economy is Textile Industry.
When one of India’s largest global conglomerates, with a presence in over 50 countries and businesses across steel, infrastructure and textile with a cumulative revenue of over 6000 Crore; looks forward to expand its business in the retail sector with new consumer products, it comes naturally to them to understand what is going on in the $250 Bn market.
With so many established players offering different quality in different price bands, it is very important to know what actually sells and what not and how distributors restock.
Demography, per capita income, geography and many more complex factors like distributors appetite in terms of investment and stocking, makes the business decision even more critical.


Welspun relied on Anaxee’s strong outreach network to understand the market by getting access to 6 Lakh+ data points collected by our runners for the client.
The data point consisted of critical data points like GPS locations, actual photographs and competitor’s product photographs which not only ensures reliability but helps in curating the growth strategies. Anaxee touched nearly 1200+ distributors in 7 cities, and will be pivoting to cover PAN India.
The data is being provided in digital format for easy visualization, bringing efficiency and speed to the decision making process.

Address Verification

Data is All-Mighty in today’s digital world. Refined and bigger the data set, more precise and accurate are the decisions you take. Collect the data from more than 11 Lakh pin codes and be ready to wear a crown in your sector.


In a country like India, with such an enormous landmass with such a varied geography, it’s always difficult to reach every corner and get the correct.
A big brand in the BFSI sector with millions of customer base and heavy legacy infrastructure while implementing its digital strategies for the coming generations wanted to have a partner who can verify the addresses for existing and upcoming customers. The problem was the stringent budget allocated to implement this. Apart from being a norm it’s also useful for the company to reduce fraud.


With a tight budget and customers at scattered geographies, they contacted Anaxee with the problem. We implemented a pilot project for them to show how accurate , well defined and authentic data we can provide them.
After the pilot, with some efficiency modelling we rolled out the complete project.
Anaxee activated hundreds of Digital Runners to gather authentic data which is also cross verified by our internal teams and provided millions of data points with proofs in ⅓ of the time taken by other companies that too with minimum expenses.

KYC/ Address Verification

The wrong data is not just crap but damaging as well. We understand the need for accurate data and do quality checks, so you don’t have to worry a bit. 100% verified data that too in record time.
When everything is going digital and digital services are penetrating in the deeper india, it becomes quite necessary for customers to know their customer or validate their identity.
As per RBI guidelines it is mandatory to have a KYC. Companies spend lots of time and money in getting KYC done for the customer.

One such bank in order to be compliant and safe started doing KYC met with many challenges, first being the authenticity of the data, secondary issues were time to collect the data, expenses of getting KYC done , digitizing data and getting meaningful insights from collected data.

Anaxee with the power of its digital runners and last mile reach activated the network to collect data. We have covered over 1000 villages by deploying more than 600 runners and collected and verified the customer for our client in a record time. We have collected millions of data points apart from KYC details to ensure maximum ROI for the bank.
Not only that, based on the collected data we have also given them insights on customers profile which is helping them to target any services efficiently.